Different culture, different way of thinking, different way of life, different way of traveling :-)

I really wonder how many fall off. I’m afraid it probably happens often. And do they travel free? Nevertheless, overcrowded is an understatement. They’re like stuntmen!

On November 2, 2007, hundreds of thousands of Pakistani Sunni took trains to return their homes after a religous gathering. The trains were amazingly overcrowded.


The figures, which were obtained for The Times using India’s Right to Information Act, show that most deaths were people being run over while trespassing on the tracks. The next biggest cause of death – equivalent to more than three every working day – was of passengers who fell (or were pushed) from carriages that travel at 64 km/h, have no doors and are often dangerously full.

Would you be brave enough to go on such an overcrowded train?
Yes I would
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Probably not
No, I certainly would not
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