God, I love fireworks. They turn me into a giddy little school girl, and I love it :-)

I love fireworks They are kind of magical if you are in the right mood and they starts in the right moment. And you? Love or hate them?
¬†According to the US Census Bureau, last year America imported $201.9 million dollars in fireworks from China, and exported $14.9 million of our own. American households collectively “spend more than $420 million a year on fireworks, according to the Consumer Expenditure Survey. And that figure doesn’t even include the amount of money private and government organizations shell out for public shows.

Do you like fireworks?
Who doesn't like fireworks?! I love fireworks!
Yeah, I\'m a sucker for those things.
I love anything that sparkles in the clear-night sky.
Yes! It\'s so romantic when you have someone with you though.
Yes, at a safe distance.
They are alright.
Not particularly.
No, I find them loud and obnoxious.
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