6 thoughts on “How I would like to be in her place right now :-)”

  1. Such A Calm & Soothing Aumbience……M Already Imagining U On That Swinging Couch So U R Actually There Right Now Ma Dear Friend :)

  2. Do you want a nice relaxing lie on the beach all day vacation, or an interesting and exciting in town vacation. I have been on several of both. For a nice relaxing vacation I would suggest Los Cabos, Mexico; Bodrom, Turkey; or the Amalfi Coast, Italy. If you are looking for a more exciting vacation with more to do and discover I would suggest Oaxaca, Mexico; Istanbul, Turkey; and Morreila, Mexico. If you have any questions simply contact me and ask, because i have been to all of these places and many others around the world.

    1. Ik ben nog benieuwd naar het antwoord op de vraag van Jules Ellis (September 22, 2011 at 7:56 am): “mag een wetenschapper persberichten uitsturen over ongepubliceerde resultaten?”. Ik vind zelf dat het niet zou moeten mogen, maar dat is iets anders.

    2. não coloco não… por acaso vc leu o blog todo? Leia e depois tire seus conclusões. Aliás, vc nem me conhece… eu sou muito bem amada, obrigada! E esse texto meu amor, é quase tão velho quanto eu. Além disso, meus textos quase nunca refletem algo que realmente esta acontecendo comigo no momento. Bjs

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