It’s a very different feeling, and a very different kind of kiss :-)

Kissing is an expression of emotions whether that be friendship, love, or passion. There are many different types of kisses to express these different emotinos and so many more different types of kisses that are just for pure fun and enjoyment. It is very important to learn how to kiss properly. Unfortunately there are so many people who don’t know how to kiss. They may have never wanted to kiss or just do not have experience kissing. Luckily, kissing can be really easy and fun to learn.

8 thoughts on “It’s a very different feeling, and a very different kind of kiss :-)”

  1. I love kissing. With my wife we make time to just have a make out session on the couch and that’s it. Sometimes it’s hard not to go further but when we do, steamy sex happens.
    A few weeks ago I learned that her and the drummer of the cover rock band she is in, she’s the only woman in the band and plays bass guitar, kissed. And they kissed for a long time. She has been wanting to kiss him for sometime now. I asked if she liked it and she said she loved it. That kiss with him opened up our relationship even more that we are thinking about spicing it up now. Oh I was not mad at all by the kiss. I said who can blame him, then we stripped and…. you know the rest.

    1. Esa mujer es una tonta, hueca, superficial, artificial, retardada, bruta. En el mejor de los casos los periodistas o la prensa deberian ignorar sus tontas declaraciones, para ella el que le pongan atencion a las tonerias que dice es un halago!. Esa mujer tiene problemas de autoestima. Muchas mujeres desearian ser como ella!. Y este adefecio humano, este engendro codicioso y asqueroso todavia se atreve a decir que al verse al espejo le da panico o se siente fea… que pasa con esta muñeca. Creo ke si esta medio tontilla no?

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