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15 best looking Oktoberfest waitresses :-)

I think that Oktoberfest waitresses are pretty amazing. They are famous for their ability to carry up to a dozen one-liter beer mugs at once. I’ve read somewhere that they make enough money during this 16-day festival to live comfortably for the remainder of the year.

In purely subjective, inaccurate, and non-scientific order, the following are the best looking dirndl-clad Oktoberfest waitresses in Munich.
















Oktoberfest is a 16-day festival celebrating beer held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

The most beer steins carried over 40 meters by a woman is 19 achieved by Anita Schwarz from Germany in Mesenich, Germany, on 9 November 2008 in celebration of Guinness World Records Day.

Do you like beer?
Which idiot would not?
Yes, love it. Only cold beer though.
Yes and my boyfriend too.
It is okay but I like sweeter beer better.
It is alright it really depends on the beer.
Only the one made in Germany.
Only when I am drunk.
Honestly no, but i ca not stop drinking it.
Not really.
I would not know. I never tried and I do not intend on doing so.
No. Beer is something that I never developed a taste for.
No, it taste crap.
No, I can not stand it.
I do not drink alcohol.
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Do you like living on the edge?

Living on the edge means living a dangerous and/or unusual everyday life. People who live on the edge are very frequently exposed to phisical, psycological, economical, lawful or other kinds of dangers.
Source: UrbanDictionary.com

I know a couple of guys (and a few girls) who said that they want to live a more exciting life or they want to put themselves in life threatning danger. I’m not sure I understand them, but everyone is owner of his own life and can do whatever he wants with it as long as he doesn’t disturb anyone else.

Do you like living on the edge?
Hell yes! What is life if you are boring and do not do anything risky!
Yeah, it makes life a litting more exciting!
I did when younger.
No, because I might fall off.
No, I quite like living in the middle.
I like a nice quiet life.
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