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My Travels & Places I’ve been: Portoroz, Slovenia, June 2012

 In June 2012 I was in Portoroz, on Slovenia’s Adriatic coast. Portoroz is a beautiful coastal town located in the heart of Europe. It is a popular place to relax and entertain. The town began to develop already in the Roman period. Today is Portoroz full with hotels, restaurants, bars, casino, old villas and more.


 This is a view from my hotel room while I was in a hotel called LifeClass Hotel Riviera to be exact. :-) Everything looks so new and renovated that it gives kind of an unreal Disneyland feel to the town.


 Pool with sea water is located on hotels terrace :-) Night swimming in it is also possible.


 This is where I was trying to get some tan :-)


 The sea water was great and refreshing, around 24 degrees Celsius if I remember right :-)

My Travels & Places I’ve been: Umag, Croatia, August 2012

 My vacation in Umag, Croatia didn’t go exactly as planned, but I was in such a desperate state for some getaway time that it didn’t seemed to matter. I spent most of the time on the beach sunning, reading, and playing volleyball and of course swimming in the warm water of the sea.


 This is the apartment in which I stayed during my vacation in Umag, Croatia. The house is more than 150 years old and it has walls that are almost a meter thick.


 And this is the view I had from the apartment I was staying at.


 I usually try to find a remote beach that nobody goes there.


 State-of-the-art electrical wiring in the center of Umag. :-)


 I always save one thing for the next time. In Paris it was the visit of the Eiffel Tower, this time it was parasailing :-)


Crazy local guys playing football in the heating sun for hours every single day :-)


 A very peaceful sunset in Umag.


 Another peaceful sunset.