This is what heaven looks like to rabbits :-)

Nobody really knows exactly what does heaven look like when you get there. The word Heaven literally means where GOD lives. I think it’s indescribable. Words aren’t enough, which I guess is why there is no physical description in the Bible. We have only been promised that it will be perfect in every way. It’s fun to imagine what it might be like. It’s going to exceed everyone’s expectations, I’m sure of that.

2 thoughts on “This is what heaven looks like to rabbits :-)”

  1. Most of what we know of heaven comes from religious ‘officials’ who were seriously lacking in imagination. Most wrote for a largely illiterate pre-industrial, pre-scientific society with an elitist autocratic plutocratic government so the imagery of heaven largely reflects that. Guess who could read their descriptions? If you want to get a more modern image of heaven read Captain Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven by Mark Twain. Sure it’s parody but so is Dante’s Paradiso where the majority of mainstream heavenly imagery comes from. My own little addition to heavenly imagery follows:

    Does God allow starships in heaven,
    Can we fight Klingons up there?
    With phasers and photon torpedos,
    And not even muss up our hair.

    Does Starfleet of the Federation,
    Beat all the bad guys they meet?
    Where battles are glorious and no one gets hurt,
    All conflicts wrapped up nice and neat.

    And when all the fighting is over,
    And we’ve locked up all our ray guns,
    Can we all beam down together,
    To Omicron Delta for fun.

    Is there a bar we can go to,
    That serves us green beer and blood wine?
    Where heros and villains can laugh for all time,
    And upon roasted targ we will dine.

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